L.E.D Zeppelin Prop Design – Suckerpunch St Albans

We were approached by Suckerpunch, a new steam punk themed cocktail bar in St Albans to aid in the design, manufacture and installation of various projects within the bar. The bar has a brilliant double climb staircase with a high roof, perfect for a feature installation. Our solution was to create two giant L.E.D Zeppelins and suspend them from the ceiling. Looking awesome and saving the need for additional lighting costs due to their ambient L.E.D lighting.

Our design featured a laser cut ply skeleton, wrapped in and ivory canvas. We then attached twine rope to highlight the ribs and fitted a strip of bright RGB colour change L.E.D’s internally. To install we rigged up a pulley system allowing us fix the balloons from the ground to maximise height and minimise hassle. The L.E.D zeppelins measure approximately 2m in length and 600mm diameter at their widest.