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Heads will be rolling in 2016 at The York Dungeon thanks to their new axe.

The execution axe was a really fun prop to make. The brief was to create a realistic looking axe, that couldn’t be used to behead any of the guests.

We chose to carve the shaft by hand using only a chisel and a hammer to give it a well worn rustic look. Great care was taken in carving the handle was just right as to guide the actors into taking the correct head chopping stance.

To create the head we laminated multiple layers of closed cell foam with card and reinforced it with short timber dowls in the most delicate areas. Once carved, we brushed on layers of latex in varying colours to give the axe depth, bounce and a dark steel finish.

For the added strength we added an aluminium strap and some good old rope finished off with a spattering of fake blood.

Who ever thought the years of hitting each other with sticks as kids would pay off later in life!

York Dungeon Axe Prop York Dungeon Axe Prop

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