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We pride our selves on never saying “no”. You dream it, we can build it. From jungle waterfalls to hidden Aztec passages our skilled artists and sculptors can make your dream come true.

By using the latest in manufacturing processes we can create almost anything. We embrace new technologies, allowing us to create cost effective products in shorter amounts of time to a higher level of accuracy. We have experience in 3D printing, laser cutting, CAD/CAM and CNC machining to name a few.

Our sculptors and artists are wizards with the brush and chain saw alike. Day to day manufacturing processes include:

  • Joinery
  • Steel framing
  • Airbrush artwork
  • Poly Carving
  • Bespoke GRP lay-up
  • GRP moulding
  • Silicone moulding

We don’t just manufacture our own designs. If you have an idea that needs bringing to life, get in touch.